Real Estate Innovation
VP of sales and business development

Real Estate Innovation (REIN) was founded in 2017 to serve new residential development projects with next generation spatial computing services.

REIN helps developers sell their future projects by creating 3D simulation applications. Our clients are typically frustrated with construction delays, or seek to bring their sales experience directly to out of area buyers.

By utilizing existing construction plans, we accelerate the pathway to profitability by extending the pre-sales runway and reducing the carrying costs associated with typical spec home construction (model homes, sales staff, vacant production homes, etc.)

By utilizing real time rendering technology, REIN is able to provide a life-like walk through experience on any device. Now visualizing custom features, panoramic views, or capturing the feeling of presence is as easy as tapping your screen.

REIN’s proprietary immersive technology has been recognized for it’s superior quality and user experience by Nvidia, Epic Games, and HTC.

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