I often joke with my clients about the mystique of photography production. World class equipment certainly makes my job more pleasurable, and it allows me to push the limits of what I can capture. But equipment alone will never eradicate the need for years-of-practice, and proper planning.

In fact, there are only three variables necessary for the success of any photograph: camera position, light quality, and client input.

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Whether I am showing the contextual relationship between spaces, or how sunlight spills across a particular building face, I strive to align the image plane to create a feeling of presence. By fine tuning camera height and rotation, I construct idealized perspectives of my photography projects.

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Ambient light quality can vary widely depending on project orientation and time of day. Some of this variance can be controlled by proper planning, but adding and removing light sources is often necessary to achieve a consistent finished image set.

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By operating in tight collaboration with my clients, we can craft images that consistently meet their expectations. Location scouting, on-site image review, and a rapid post production pipeline workflows help ensure our projects are executed on schedule.


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